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Household Water

Water-conserving fixtures installed in US households in 1998 alone saved 44 million gallons of water every day, resulting in total dollar-value savings of more than 33.6 million per year!

If all US households installed water-saving features, water use could decrease by 30 percent, saving an estimated 5.4 billion gallons per day!

This would result in dollar-volume savings of $11.3 million per day or more than $4 billion per year! -American Water Works Association

Change out the faucet aerators in your bathroom with lower gallon per minute (.5gpm) aerators. Consider switching your shower head to a lower gallon per minute model. Some models & reasonable prices for these are at Efi.org

Hot water tank insulation wrap, wrap your tank with this to help prevent heat loss.

Tankless Water Heaters, when its time to replace your hot water tank, consider switching to a tankless model, your water heats up quicker and uses up to 20% less energy to heat the water (because a gas fed hot water tank has a continually running pilot light, that becomes expensive if you live in cold winters, tankless models can have the added feature of a "electronic-ignition-on-demand pilot light.")

Another added benefit is the amount of physical space you gain with one of these systems they are much smaller(they mount on the wall) than the hot water tanks that take up floor space.

Water pipe insulation tubes, insulate your hot water pipes coming out of your hot water tank. This helps reduce heat loss from the pipes.

Check that your incoming water pressure is not too high, consider installing a water pressure regulator.

Shower Timer, either install one between your shower head and pipe or use a count down alarm timer to make sure you take short efficient showers. 


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