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Green Nutrition

Locate and support your local organic restaurants. The food always tastes better at these places!

Watermelon is a great de-toxifier, it rids your system of a lot of nasty chemicals. Have some watermelon and start your new organic only diet!

Eat only lean meats! Chicken, Swordfish, Salmon(wild, not farm raised), Tuna, and Turkey are excellent

QUINOA!!!!  eat lots of it.

Try to avoid Deli meats! They are prone to germs & bacterial growth.

Try to avoid fast food joints you lazy-seeker of instant gratification! (myself included!)
Can we even remember the last time our stomachs felt good after a fast food meal? It always tastes good going down. Your body tries hard to locate the little nutrients that are in it. And down right rejects the rest of the garbage. Fast food is full of food additives, flavor enhancers, preservatives, HORMONES?, and a slew of other sneaky chemicals designed solely to make you addicted to the garbage.

Everything Organic! Yes, organic products are a little more expensive, but the rewards from using and eating them are priceless. 

 Stay away from preservatives and synthetic toxic chemicals. Next grocery trip try only shopping in the organic section, or go to the organic only grocery store. 

Check the label as to where the produce/product is coming from. 

The idea is to try to purchase organic food within 12 miles of your dinner table. 
 Your budget for food and livelihood should not be skimped & neglected. 
Your health is your most important asset, it should always be your top priority!

See if you can only shop at Trader Joe's and the Dollar store!?


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