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EcoChange.org is my effort to share what I continue to learn about sustainable companies, organizations, products, resources, and practices. I hope you find this site informative, practical, and useful. 95% of the revenue generated from this site is donated to Kiva.org. The remaining 5% is used to host this site on this "series of tubes" some call the internet ;)




Switch out inefficient bulbs in your residence with Compact Florescent light bulbs. (CFL's) You'll save on your electricity bill. Some models & reasonable prices for CFL's are at Efi.org.

The most efficient bulbs are LED-based bulbs. They last up to 100 times longer and consume a 1/10 of the energy of incandescents. Also, you can choose your home's electricity supplier, find out what your alternative electricity options are at green-e.org

Turn off unused electronics during the day, don't leave your computer running at home while your at work, unplug everything!

Turn your lights off from room to room, don't leave lights on in rooms you aren't using. If you are cleaning, only have the lights on in the rooms you are working in.

"Plug into the Sun!
Portable Solar Charger for your cell phone, iPod, digital camera, etc. Solio.com

Recycle your old cell phones, computers, printers(Lexmark offers a free reclaiming/recycling program for their old printers), and electronics equipment, do NOT just throw them away, donate them to charity. 

Use Freecycle.org. If you donate your old electronics you can write it off. The rapid technology upgrading is causing old dated electronics to pile up in landfills. Old CRT computer monitors are especially bad, because they contain mercury and a slew of other bad chemicals that are seeping into the ground water.


Use Smart Strips, many electronics continue to draw power, up to 4 kilowatts per day, even when turned off! Autoswitching power strips like Smart Strips can help. 

Plug your PC into the strips's main socket, and accessories into the other sockets. The peripherals shut down completely when the primary appliance is switched off smartstrip.net

Collect dead batteries(aaa, aa, 9volt, c, d, brick batteries, etc.) in a container and then recycle them! 

Take them to radio shack, ikea, home depot, find a place that's most convenient for you. 

Then replace them with/and start using rechargeable batteries, my favorite brand is energizer rechargeable nickel-metal hydrides
Get a charger and stock up! 

You'll be surprised how many batteries you actually use! They are just like lightbulbs, you think you are using like maybe a dozen or so, when in reality its probably closer to 50!