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Household Insulation

 Replace your old Windows with low-e models, if you cant afford that option, shrink wrap over these old windows during the winter, heat loss occurs through old windows and their framing.

If you have a real fireplace, remember to close the flew when you are not using it, as heat escapes up through it if its open!

Fireplace Draftstopper plug. Your fireplace is like an open window, (even with the damper closed!) Use this great product to seal the opening even further. batticdoor.com

Check your attic for proper insulation, there should be insulation between the floor joists, if not get insulation in between them ASAP!

Seal ducts & holes! On a cold windy day walk around your house and feel for cool air coming in through the framing, cracks, around any exterior wall, and especially down in the basement. Check where all the floor joists meet up with the exterior walls. Touch'n Foam is an HCFC-free foam sealant that uses a mixture of propane and isobutane as the blowing agent. It is available in triple-expanding or low-expanding formulations in disposable cans. convenienceproducts.com

Also, consider injecting Aeroseal into your HVAC system. Aeroseal is a polymer fog that cuts leaks up to 80 percent when injected into your system.

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