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Recycle Everything!

Recycle Everything! 

Set this challenging goal to throw away only biodegradable items. The extra conscious effort to recycle, reuse, and donate everything generates positive dividends. Resist succumbing to the "Out of sight, Out of mind" mentality that only adds to our impact.

Join & start using! Use Craigslist and post your items on there for free.

Try creating a set of sustainable rules for yourself and dedicate yourself to living by them, take notice when you break one. Over time abiding by these rules will shape your living habits into a conscious harmony with the planet.

What happened to the dime-deposit recycle programs that were everywhere years ago?
Michigan is the only state with a dime-deposit(for recycled bottles and cans) their redemption rate is 95%. 

Raise awareness to your local community, grocery store, school boards, political leaders to re-institute these smart recycling programs!

Visit to find out where you can recycle those difficult items such as Batteries, CFL's, Smoke Detectors, Antifreeze, Old Stereo, etc. 

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